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the face behind the bowls


I’m Nikki – the girl that you just can’t take out of the kitchen (& the face behind these yum-yum edibowls)!

Sharing love through food is something that started when I was a little girl with my mama. She never left the kitchen – I always knew where to find her. 
In my family, every gathering, celebration and vacation, our memories are always about the FOOD.
So, I guess you can say that’s where it all started. 

As I got older, I fell in love with being in the kitchen. Just like my mama. I can now say that one of the most satisfying feelings for me is to be able to cook and share my food with others. And to ultimately express my love through cooking. 

For a few months, my Edibowl page was a genuine creative outlet for me – something that just made me happy to share. If you couldn’t taste my food, I at least wanted you to see it! 


NOW - I want to be able to share my food with you. My way. The simple way. Clean ingredients. Satisfied tummies. 


I’m truly excited to be able to share my way of eating with you all – in hopes that you love it as much as I do. 

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Together - let's kick your healthy eating habits into gear!

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